Walsh Group

In the past 4 years, the Walsh Group has purchased 5 Portable Central Mix plants from your company, with great success in mobility, production, and service.

All of the plants were utilized on interstate paving projects, with demanding schedules and heavy production requirements. Due to Erie Strayer’s superior design, we met or exceeded those production needs. With support from your service department, parts department and network of dealers, all the plants suffered virtually no down time and wear parts have met or exceeded guaranteed levels of throughput.

Should we require additional plants in the future, we would not hesitate in our decision to repeat as customers, and I am confident that the same quality, production and support would follow.


Mark Lynes
Equipment Manager
Equipment Operations Group

Kokosing Construction Company, Inc

Kokosing Construction Company has been extremely pleased with the operation and performance of our new Erie-Strayer concrete plant. In 2008 this plant produced over 100,000 cy of concrete for out ODOT 110(07) SR 24 Paulding County Project. We were extremely pleased with the consistency of the mix. The Ohio Department of Transportation testing personnel said this was the most consistent concrete they had seen.
A mixer uniformity test was performed for the Army Corp of Engineers for a project at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base with our second Erie-Strayer plant. This plant was approved for a 45 second mix time.

Over the years, Erie-Strayer has provided a reliable and productive concrete plant and backed it up with great service.

Stephen Prosek
Concrete Paving Area Manager
Kokosing Construction Company, Inc.

Ajax Paving, Inc

Erie Strayer has been our equipment house of choice for our concrete plant division. We have five Erie Strayer concrete plants, one single drum and four dual drum plants….. The plant has regularly produced over 5,000 yards in a daily process. The uniformity of mix is of high quality. Erie designed a larger drum mouth for us which has helped out considerably for low slump airport mixes. The visibility for our plant operators is superb. Setup and tear down of plant is efficient and quick. Commitment to customer satisfaction has always been of top priority to Erie. Their service and parts department is available 24/7 days a week. Erie’s staff from sales to the owner of the company has many years of concrete plant knowledgs and is committed to the customer getting the finest product available.

Rick Sparkman
Equipment Operation Manager
Ajax Paving, Inc.

Coffman Specialties, Inc.

Coffman Specialties, Inc

Over the years our firm has owned three Rexcon Model S’s, one Haganator and now we have three ERIE’s. We divested ourselves of all other plants in exchange for the ERIE batch systems and configurations due to portability and increased production.

It has always been a pleasure in dealing with ERIE as a company who does what they say and equally as important, has developed, in our opinion, the best working system. Configuration and blend of all compensatory, from belt angles, belt speed, cement batcher position, etc. the ERIE plants are superior to others. The drum diameter to length ratio mixes each batch with maximum efficiency, maximizing cubic yards per hour. We have found ERIE increased our productions in excess of twenty percent and when the jobs require added production, we have used the double front to back system successfully at 450 to 475 cubic yards per hour. One mixer in front of the other, transfer style works well and converts easily for later in the projects doing hand pours with the dump cone into ready mix transfer trucks.

I give ERIE the best rating for concrete plants and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Truly yours,

Jim Coffman
Project Coordinator
Coffman Specialties, Inc.


To date, Tutor Perini Civil Group has purchased several pieces of equipment from ERIE Strayer and has found that the design and construction of ERIE’s equipment allows great success in mobility, production and service.

One of Tutor’s most recent important projects, in particular, was the Bay Runway, John F. Kennedy International Airport’s longest runway, one of the largest runways in the world at 14,572 feet long & 200 feet wide. This project was a challenge due to its demanding schedules and heavy production requirements. To meet such requirements, Tutor purchased an ERIE Mobile Gravity Two Mixer Central Mix Paving Plant (MG-12CP2). Due to ERIE Strayer’s quality design, we were able to mass produce concrete which met or exceeded our production needs. The Bay Runway closed in March and was able to re-open their new concrete runway June 28, 2010, ahead of schedule, in large part due to the production and reliability of our ERIE plant. This particular concrete mix design was extremely abusive to the equipment due to the size of the aggregates used and the ERIE equipment survived this challenge.

Commitment to customer satisfaction has also been a top priority of ERIE. Their service and parts department is available 24/7. ERIE’s staff, from sales to the owner, has many years of concrete plant knowledge and is committed to the customer getting the finest product available.

It has always been a pleasure dealing with ERIE as a company who does what they say and stands behind each piece of equipment. Tutor Perini Civil Group is confident of ERIE’s quality, production and support.


Jack Frost
CEO, Civil Group
Tutor Perini

McNeil Brothers

McNeil Brothers has been very pleased with the production quanitity and quality of our Erie-Strayer concrete plants. The plants mobility and reliability have played a key role in our continued success. Most importantly, McNeil Brothers has been very satisfied with the support provided by Erie-Strayer.


Greg McNeil