Erie Concrete Reclaimer - ECR-60

The ECR-60 concrete relaimer is a twin screw concrete reclaimer system that offers efficient and economical recycling of returned concrete. The unit separates coarse aggregate, sand, and cement from returned concrete and truck wash out. Reclaim rates are up to 60 cubic yards per hour. The ECR-60 is a factory assembled and tested unit. It is designed to fit new and existing facilities and to meet increasing local, state, and federal environmental requirements.

  • 30" aggregate wash screw with 15HP drive
  • 30" sand wash screw with 10HP drive
  • Spray bars with replaceable jet nozzles
  • Stainless steel sand screen
  • Self-priming 10HP water circulation pump
  • Combination control panel motor control center
  • Feed hopper with spray bars for up to 2 trucks to prevent raw concrete from being discharged into the primary without the system being initiated
  • Second feed hopper with 20HP pump available for 4 truck system
  • Settling ponds can be located adjacent to ECR-60 or remote as property requires